Takeaway from Regional ID camp

In the last couple years I have been playing soccer with the ODP program that takes any ages to play for their state in their age group. After they see you play on the state teams, the program picks a couple players for the Regional team. I finally got picked after the last couple years and so I went to the ID camp for the Midwest Regional team. I learned several things from these teams and the program all together and one of the most effective skills I got better at was vision and speed of play with the ball. 

I watch a lot of soccer on TV because it’s entertaining but you can also watch soccer by looking closely at the players and watch what they do on the field and try to use what they do in a game. A player named Xavi who was a player on FC Barcelona had a habit where he checked his shoulder tons of times throughout the game and this helped with him knowing what’s around him so he knows what he is going to do with the ball before it comes to him. So he gets the ball and quickly passes it off to one of his players.

That is what I got a lot better at through the program.

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